Monday, April 18, 2011

Internal Bliss

When mind is with out pressures (including the desire for the external joys), it automatically starts sensing bliss from inside.
Joys through sense organs, from external world are limited in duration and need a lot of search time with less enjoying time. where as in the state of samadhi (meditation), the joy can be felt continuously, as it is from inside and never goes in to saturation state.

Love or Friendship support a person (animal) and reduce stress to some extent. Proper understanding of the environment also reduces unnecessary stresses. These are some contexts of meditational sense (bliss) in very limited levels in common life.


Idol Worship

It is undoubtedly natural, good and harmless that any person likes to feel the love with his beloved by keeping the pictures and belongings of the beloved. Mind cannot experience love as much as it experiences when it is in the sense of these objects. Idol worship also is just as simple as this. Even a person who says that he hates idol worship and attribution of a specific form to god considers god in mind in some pictorial way to think about God, at least as a light form or turns to one direction to pray to god which is attribution of physical traits to God.

Worship of idols is not the worship of stones, but it is the worship of the God who is being considered in the idol. A person does not love a picture, but he loves only his beloved by means of the picture.
Similarly, God can be worshiped by us as per our convenience in some form. What matters is feeling of the God, not the way of feeling.

Also, idols (sorry, Murthis of gods) in temples possess life through the foundation process. Above all, everything in this creation is a minute part of almighty himself. Stones are not worthless.

However, well matured people do not need idols. Idol worship is only for beginners. Well matured people will be in meditational bliss continuously.(meditational bliss here refers to the state of mind with no pressures. It does not mean sitting and trying to stop thinking.)

Since everything is an object of god, one should not think that we should not see god in stones. We can feel god in his creation..Stone.

Puranas and Itihas (of vedic tradition)

while many Vedic spiritual concepts are simple logics to understand,
still there are people who do not understand them on their own or at least after someone tells, due to their limited intelligence or due to hatred.

for such people..the beginners or common people, there are many puranas, books and poetry to teach basic things like.. the best relationships of a family, the best way of life, different personalities in life, etc (eg: Ramayan and Maha Bharat). Yoga teaches healthy living. Ayurveda is a good medicinal science. Astrology is for knowing the future. All these help common people in different ways.

Why many gods worshiped by Hindus?

Everything in this creation is a part of (by) the "parabramha(almighty)",
Including the demigods like vishnu, shiva and chaturmukha-bramha.
Everything/everyone is created for a purpose.So, it is good to approach the right one for right purpose.
Like, we can not approach prime minister for every thing and we have to contact the right person in the administration; we have many gods in their roles, whom we can approach. But, everything is eventually by and belonging to "parabramha" whether you notice it or not.

In Bhagawadgita, Krishna only told that people approach gods as per their desires/needs. wise people expect moksha, where as normal people expect worldly joys. He does not mean that worshiping small gods is wrong.

Worshiping is the process of loving. So, worshiping of cows or a good man is not wrong.

If things other than the supreme God should not be worshiped; then parents, friends, neighbors, relatives, leaders, teachers ,etc, all of whom are given by the supreme God but not as great as supreme god can not be approached for help or comfort.

Scientific Knowledge VS Beliefs

The sun rises in the sky. We do not doubt our brain and eyes in accepting this, since living becomes very difficult if we doubt them. We accept the observations which are reliable for life, irrespective of the facts. An observation is reliable unless there is an alternative observation. All reliable observations are reliable beliefs, because we do not know the facts of the observations. But, all reliable beliefs are not reliable observations. Some reliable beliefs are derived from reliable observations, but themselves are not observations. Because I have been observing that the sun has been rising in the sky every day, I reliably believe that the sun rises in the sky tomorrow also. There are facts too among what we know. It is a fact that in any right-angled triangle, the area of the square whose side is the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares whose sides are the two legs. Only some of the facts and reliable beliefs are useful. The observation that today I walked 5 steps more than the person living 10,000 kilo meters away from me is useless. An office sales information is not applicable always and everywhere. Scientific knowledge is the set of facts and reliable beliefs, which are useful irrespective of time and placeIf we consider medical research, every finding may not be useful and a medicine may go extinct because of another more useful medicine down the line. But we holistically consider the medical research findings as useful always and everywhere.

We have to doubt some things. We should not accept and/or believe which does not have enough bases, or which can be disproved using facts or reliable beliefs.

Beliefs taught by some people are just beliefs, because they do not have minimal proof for many things they tell. In fact, the intention behind asking people to believe is to make them obey some concept/religion irrespective of the logical fallacy of that concept. Thinking raises many doubts and questions. So people are asked to believe without judging. Basically, belief is the word used when lieing.

Vedas are sciences because we know them reliably through great sages and we can see many things in the Vedas to be correct or scientifically acceptable.(I do not guarantee that Hindu scriptures available now are original and pure. We have to consciously take the good knowledge from them and leave the rest.)


Good and Bad

we get intelligence and knowledge as given by god. If a man is bad, it is because god gave him that much thinking ability and such circumstances. If same thinking and environment is given to two people both will behave equally. So, good and bad are intentional creations of god, by way of giving different levels of mind to different people (character is a matter of intelligence).
so, do not hate anybody, even if he is too bad in your opinion. because, god made him like that. a man himself does not decide his IQ at birth. You can act anger on wrong doers or take an emotionless appropriate counter action like how your respond to an innocent mosquito.
Sri Krishna tells in bhagavadgita, "Achieving moksha or not is not in your hand. Every thing happens only at my will".

A lion kills deers naturally(God only created this violence, otherwise he would create meat from trees for lions). God created bad people also naturally. So, why to hate someone based on his religion or character or caste or abilities, for which is not his mistake?

Even Karma/Action and the results are as decided by god and so an Atma(soul) is not responsible for anything. Atma(soul)it self is executed by God to be what it is.

The reason for such creation is not known.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Why to be in worry?

Entire creation runs under strict control of the  almighty.
You get love as he decides. A thief does theft as decided by the almighty. A Lion kills a deer as decided by the almighty. You get a thought as controlled by him. No minute element of matter in this universe moves outside the scope of the almighty.

So, you do not have to be worried about the ills/evils in the society. Do not think that the situation is out of control. It can change in any way with time. Almighty keeps things in appropriate condition always. You have to just do your job and stop worrying about the consequences.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


All giving God does not need love/devotion of human beings.
Lion does not want to be the king of ants.
I never think about being praised by human beings.
(Because, I have the consciousness that i have nothing to do with my merits and wealths. Everything is as per the will of the fate and so I am likely to be like any other living being. Also, I do not like too small joys like being praised by humans when I know better ways to enjoy; and when human beings and any matter with them is very temporary or a matter of selfishness and cheating)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Civilization and human made wonders

When we think about electronic and information systems, rocket technology, aircrafts, genetic engineering, etc; it really makes many of us wonder.

But, Anjaneya (Hanuman) who helped Sri-rama (Rama lived many thousands of years ago in India.) many times, once lifted entire hill and carried it from Himalayas to Srilanka (also carried it back to its original place). A hill weighs at least one lakh tons. The yet under development most advanced rocket Ares can lift around 190 tons to lower earth orbit.

Now rethink.

Even if the lifting of hill by Hanuman is a myth, still we can not rule out the possibility of such things in this miraculous creation. Today we may not be seeing such wonders and so we doubt them, but our creation is a big wonder.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everything is God (Parabramha )

Everything is in God / Parabramha. Everything is as decided by Parabramha. So, many responses from the  expired persons and saints are actually the response from the God directly. In some cases, god responds on behalf of the Atma (soul) that is not really capable of doing extreme miracles.

Even the super natural powers of a living man are actually the actions of the God. The possessing man of super natural powers is neither the maker of them nor the know-er of how they work.

For example, take a saint who is no more alive. How can he simultaneously listen to many devotees and respond like supreme demi-gods who may have such a huge ability. The responses come, via the all managing God. God is the maker of everything; the one who takes the role of everything.

Surprisingly, it seems that even if you worship a non-existing demi-god or saint or a man who was actually not better than a common man when he lived, still you see responses to your prayers in the same way as from the supreme God. Even the real demi-gods and saints are actually powerless and mere puppets. Whether a saint /demi-god exists (existed) or not makes no difference to get a response from the all doing God.