Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everything is God (Parabramha )

Everything is in God / Parabramha. Everything is as decided by Parabramha. So, many responses from the  expired persons and saints are actually the response from the God directly. In some cases, god responds on behalf of the Atma (soul) that is not really capable of doing extreme miracles.

Even the super natural powers of a living man are actually the actions of the God. The possessing man of super natural powers is neither the maker of them nor the know-er of how they work.

For example, take a saint who is no more alive. How can he simultaneously listen to many devotees and respond like supreme demi-gods who may have such a huge ability. The responses come, via the all managing God. God is the maker of everything; the one who takes the role of everything.

Surprisingly, it seems that even if you worship a non-existing demi-god or saint or a man who was actually not better than a common man when he lived, still you see responses to your prayers in the same way as from the supreme God. Even the real demi-gods and saints are actually powerless and mere puppets. Whether a saint /demi-god exists (existed) or not makes no difference to get a response from the all doing God.


  1. Stress starts from the time we are born or even before until we die. So we need to keep control over our mind even when we are stressed. Yes, it is good to help and love any living being. As for the worshiping, please follow the lessons in the holy scriptures instead of blindly worshiping. The time spend in worshiping could be used to help children old people or animals. Being a good human being is very important than being a religious rogue. Your article is good but too much leaning on religious side. If you want to know the truth about this universe please read my blog

    1. Hi Ershad Hussain,
      This blog is to particularly debate on religious concepts . The parent site has only important knowledge.