Culture of a society is the accumulation of relationships, social awareness, social values, self awareness, food habits, dressing, religion, etc. Food habits are not discussed here.

Love or friendship gives happiness, a feel of support and frees from stress.

A mother loves all of her children at all times. So, love or friendship can be shared with many.

A friend is always loved but a beloved one need not be a close friend. A person who loves you needs not always be close to you philosophically (like your parents), but a friend does. Practically and mostly friendship and love are nearly the same since always whom we love becomes a friend or the love breaks down quickly.

What blossoms between teenagers is not just love in many cases. It includes sexual attraction too. But, very few get attracted to whom is not lovable, because it is better to get both love and physical beauty than to get physical beauty and nothing else or hatred. There is no guilty in getting attracted to physical beauty or sexiness.

There is no restriction that love cannot be started after marriage. So, there is no need for a girl to accept the love marriage proposals of a poorer or less smart guy and marry him, unless she already expressed love to him and/or the guy loves her deep and/or there is some other important thing; and vice versa. The same or better love along with desired property or luxury can be obtained from some other guy by marriage. Love is one of the luxuries/joys people get. It is nothing more than that. There is no need to do big sacrifices in the name of love; and it should not be expected.

There are cheaters who want only physical beauty and money, but act love to get them.

If a man marries more than one woman, the time spent with a woman in love will be less and she misses a lot. This is why one-to-one marital life is desirable and good.

People get married because they want some permanent partner in life. So, they should try to keep the relationship permanent as desired and promised in wedding. Spouse should be passive and friendly to each other rather than dominant.

Often, if the people whom we like are of opposite sex, we mistake and feel guilty that we are getting attracted to their sexiness. But, this is actually not getting attracted to the sexiness always. As love can be felt well with a hug or touch, we like to physically near whom we like.

Social awareness:
Politicians and leadersA politician wanting to win in elections and be a member of the governing body is not always for money primarily, but for the leadership itself. Money is sometimes the next priority reason. Of course, for some politicians money is the first priority.Being Leader is a joy like many joys in life like taking challenges, playing games, etc.

Take a bad politician or revolutionist. If he (she) has to have leadership, people have to follow him. Some bad leaders attract people by supporting the bad interests of people and by supporting groupism.

Some leaders cheat the minds of people to become leaders. If a cheating leader tells the same as what many other leaders and people think as good, he will not be recognized as distinct and cannot become famous. So, he has to talk and act different from what all others used to think as good; and try to make people get convinced about what he does as good. This gives an easy and good recognition.

There do not exist good people or bad people by themselvesIf brain works well, you do things in a good way and you are called as a good person else, bad person. Nature decides your brain, not yourself. So, being good or bad is not your fault or merit. So, there is no need to get quick anger at any one based on their bad character since they do things bad as they do not think of them as bad or they do not think due to their natural limits. Anger can be acted or an emotionless action can be taken at bad people to keep things under control.

Majority of the people are selfish though they show kindness and comfort sometimes. Some people are too dangerous to move with. People of these two categories do not benefit you when you are in need and they do not try to understand you. What they tell you generally is useless and wastes your time. Sometimes they hurt you. They cannot tell you much valuable things. Even if they know something that may benefit you, many times they will not tell you either because of disliking your betterment or not understanding the importance of spreading good information. Move with them consciously and sometimes only for getting your business done. A few are very good, wise and feel responsibility. Have only such people as your real friends. You will be given good knowledge, good ideas, other kinds of help and peace.

Do not think twice to keep bad people away. It is ok to be hated by them temporarily rather than suffering continuously with their relationship.

People form groups (by caste, religion, nation, etc) not only to achieve things that are possible by unity, but also to dominate and exploit other people and groups. People in a group promote and support the activities of the members of the group, which have bad effects on other groups.

For many people, when they say ‘I want a good government’, they actually mean ‘I want a government that does not trouble me even if I do not pay taxes, makes me rich, fulfills all my desires on its own hardship’.

Most of the people think and claim themselves as well wishers of the world. But; most of the people do not truly bother about the issues of others, exploit situations in favor of the self and harmful to others, cause environmental pollution, cause environmental imbalance and do several other things that harm the world.

No person is too innocent to understand the righteousness. Most of the people work for only self well being, irrespective of good or bad effects on others.

Social values:
Leading by example: In society, some people leave the common responsibilities giving extra burden to others in the community. If you are affecting others with irresponsibility, there are people same as you to affect you. Be in lead to take up the responsibility so that others take you as an example.

Respect and Recognition of the knowledge: If you do not respect and recognize the knowledgeable people, you will not like to get that knowledge because you already misrecognised the people having it. So, you will not grow in knowledge eventually and this affects life adversely. So, if you have to gain useful knowledge, you have to like the people having it.

Discipline: Discipline gives smooth social environment.

Bringing up of children: Children learn what is told by parents and teachers. A less responsible feeling parent towards society ignores to teach good values and does not condemn when his/her children misconduct on others, intending that his/her children should be fine irrespective of their effect on the society. This is harmful. Teachers should not neglect to teach students good values and responsibilities and warn them about their misconducts, since students spend a lot of their learning time with teachers.

Self awareness:
Maintain physical fitness. Physical fitness is not for just health. It affects public image, self confidence and many more.

Maintain hygiene. It is not just for your safety, but also for the comfort of people around you. Never touch others and common food items with unclean hands.

You do not have to win every argument. Even very careful people miss think or miss do either unknowingly or knowingly.

You are not too great and independent. You too die like the things you are considering as inferior to you. You cannot live without others. You can get unexpected and unbearable problems. You are in the hands of fate.

Remember, you have many weaknesses.

Never overlook or disrespect others.

Make enough time to dream and think about your life. Do not spend too much time in listening to music with earphones, watching TV and similar kind of activities. Plan well for future.

Think carefully before taking any decision that matters. Do not go by fantasies and beliefs.

Write down very important things you need to remember and take a look at frequently.

Love people. Wish and smile at people around you. Be generous to help others. Do not show nervous face to others, making them uncomfortable with you.

Try to stay with good people and good/pleasing objects. They keep you relaxed and happy. Think about your feelings when being with good things and when being with bad things. Companionship with good people gives good wisdom and many other benefits.

If it is ok to help the needy, it is also ok to look for help from appropriate people when needed.

It is neither inferior nor foolish to bear some discomfort to give comfort to others. It is not foolish to payback for a service even when the servicer could not recognize you getting the service.

You do not mostly need to scold or shout at anybody for something. Even if you just tell them, they may agree.

Do not come to a quick understanding on anybody’s personality. People do not always speak like what they are basically. Judge carefully.

Mind your tongue. What you talk does matter a lot, irrespective of your actual intentions.

Watch your thoughts. Emotional thoughts can turn in to words and actions without effort and before you realize. Always be very cautious about your thoughts of anger and disappointment. Never let them turn in to wrong words and actions. Sometimes, mind does not think much before proceeding to actions during strong emotions.

Make note of one good solution to avoid bad consequences of strong emotions. Postpone any significant thing you want to do in any kind (positive or negative) of strong emotion by a few minutes. You will not do many inappropriate things after a few minutes as your mind gets time to think. Remember this.

A wrong action done in emotion makes you happy for a maximum of a minute or a few minutes. It may lead to later sorrow/sadness for days or even years. One day has 1440 minutes. A year has too many minutes. Remember this.

Forgetfulness, which is more problematic than you think, often leads you to take wrong decisions. So, think sufficiently before any significant action and in strong emotions.

Though you feel like you are careful about your life, you actually have a lot of forgetfulness, unawareness and emotionally induced thoughtlessness that makes you do many mistakes. So, remember always that you can be taken over by bad consequences if you do not think sufficiently before every significant action.
Especially, think when you talk, when you get greatly attracted to something and when you feel angry.

Try to remember what life lessons you learn. Do not let a mistake happen again and again.

If you have an opinion, you get positive response many where. But, do not take your opinion as significant and correct and well accepted always, without enough judgment. If you say, ‘our organization does not have good enough policies’ to your colleague, he says ‘yes’. If you had instead said, ‘our organization has good policies’ to the same colleague, still he would say ‘yes’.

Get rid of anything that is not useful, beautiful or joyful.

Gambling and bad addictions eat out your time and many of your valuables. They may be a little good, but are a lot bad. Get clarity on why you are an addict and its consequences, then you will be able to overcome a bad addiction.

Most of the problems have solutions, however tough they may look initially. Patiently think enough to find a solution or consult right people. Diagnosis of actual problem is vital. Root cause analysis eases solving of many problems.

People have fewer actual problems in their life than they fear and worry about. It is by design and not a miss thinking of people that makes them have more fear. Though we cannot avoid fears and worries, remembering that most of the fears do not come true consoles a bit. Though a man gets relief and extra happiness after getting rid of a fear, it is not an equal compensation to already got ill effects of fear; which are some irrecoverable loss in physical health, thinking ability and memory power. This is how human beings age faster than they would age if they were always happy.

Worries, bliss and attachments become intense as you keep thinking about them or be with the things causing them. Being busy in work or in some other activity like watching TV keeps people less thoughtful about them. Have known this for proper benefit at times.

However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

Time is very valuable. If required, allocate some time every day to check if you are doing things as planned. It is OK to do things different from plan some times, but not always. Leave some contingency. Strict following of plan is not possible sometimes due to many factors, but try to have optimal plan and follow it.

Do not over do your job, Job is only a part of life. Your job will not take care of you if you fall sick. Your family and friends will. Stay in touch.

A spouse wants his partner not to be imagined by others sexually. This is like we do not like to eat something touched to the mouth of others. Also, a person wants to have dedicated sexual mating from at least one opposite sexual person. So, a person should not showcase sexiness to people other than spouse, and it should not be tried to even imagine and enjoy other’s sexiness unless acceptable to the spouse and the person whose sexiness is accessible. Unmarried youngsters should keep in mind that they will get married. Dressing should be accordingly, to hide the sexiness of the body from others.

Religion is the knowledge and principles of life bonded to spirituality. Religion should help a man to prosper spiritually.

Much of the current religious knowledge and principles are less scientific. Many of them are not correct or not pure and originated from ignorance or thirst for fame.

For many people, a religion is also a groupism other than a spiritual path. For many people, spirituality and principles in a religion are only a self excuse to enjoy the benefits of the religious groupism. Some people try to convert followers of other religions in to the self followed religion in order to get convinced that the self followed religion is greater than other religions. Some people convert followers of other religions to reduce enemies. Some people make conversions with love towards others, in order to bring them to better (as per their understanding) path. People may not convert others when benefits of groupism and exploitation of other religious groups are more than the benefit of converting others (including the other groups in to self group may make the self group poor and there will be no way to exploit the other groups. This is similar to what we see in the groups of dogs). Some governments and political parties encourage or discourage religious conversions for political benefits.

There do not exist two principles being correct and contradictory simultaneously. So, if a religious principle is contradictory to some other religion’s principle, only one of them may be correct or none of them may be correct.