Every man wants to reap happiness/joy as much as possible and get rid of sadness through his actions. The highest happiness and least sadness in a society by these actions is when these actions are compliant to law.

A sustainable action by self that affects non-self is okay.
An unsustainable action by self that affects non-self is not okay.
Every action that affects only self is sustainable. Such actions are okay.

Law (Dharma) is compliance to sustainable actions.
Compliance to unsustainable actions is anti-law (Adharma). 

A thought also is an action.

1.      Cheating others: The action ‘Cheating others’ affects non-self. For another person, cheating my-self is the same action ‘Cheating others’. Since I do not like myself being cheated by others, the action ‘Cheating others’ is not sustainable. So, this action is not okay.
2.      Not fighting against public issues: Not fighting against public issues is the result of the thought action ‘Let me not fight against public issues’. As this thought is an unsustainable action, this thought is anti-law.
3.      Consuming very injurious drugs: Consumption of very injurious drugs may be ok for a man, but may not be ok for his family members and friends due to emotional attachment. Even the man who consumes such drugs does not like his family members and friends consuming the same drugs. Freedom of such drug consumption puts many people eventually in an unsustainable miserable situation.  Enforcement to avoid such drugs is sustainable in the society. So, consumption of very injurious drugs is anti-law.
4.  Eating meat: The action of eating meat is subset of the action set ‘killing weak animals‘. Sustainability of the action ‘killing weak animals’ depends on many effects of this action on man. This action affects animals. But, those animals cannot harm man as they are not capable of. The action ‘killing weak animals’ is not applicable to those animals on man. But there can be effect on environmental balance if man kills animals for food or some other reason. Growth of animals for meat can affect the environment. Man has to consume food including vegetarian food and meat taking in to account the effect on environmental balance too along with other factors. Environmental balance ultimately affects man and so becomes part of deciding the sustainable food habits and animal killing habits of man. Further, in the world where rebirth is believed to happen, man has to keep in mind that one day himself can be killed as a pork or chicken. Still, eating animals may be acceptable to most of the animal eating people. We do not like ourselves being killed by someone, because we are not sure if we will have life after death and if we will have, whether it will be at least equal to or better than the present life. If in case rebirth really happens, then we will get another life even after getting killed as animals too. So, there is no need of fear in killing animals.  But, animals must not be tortured by man as it can happen to himself later. So, killing animals for meat or some other reason is a sustainable action if it does not cause environmental imbalance and animals are not tortured by man in the process of killing. This does not mean that every man has to eat animal meat. It only means that those who are capable of eating animals without feelings of compassion are okay to eat.

Some unsustainable actions:
1.      Creation of environmental pollution
2.      Not obeying public (common) rules
3.      Display of hatred because of jealousy
4.      Finding undue excuses to harm others
5.      Preaching non-science or beliefs or illogic
6.      A government that does not solve public issues
7.      A theft or seizing with force of others’ lawful property, even if it benefits many people largely. Because, the takers of such property themselves do not like a similar thing for themselves.
8.      Supporting an unsustainable action
9.  Undue disrespect

Some sustainable actions:
1.      Preaching science.
2.      A less harmful lie or cheating or theft to save from extreme problems to life.
3.      Display of hatred towards unsustainable things.
4.      Limited alcohol consumption without problem to others.
5.      Supporting a sustainable action.

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