Sunday, February 6, 2011

Civilization and human made wonders

When we think about electronic and information systems, rocket technology, aircrafts, genetic engineering, etc; it really makes many of us wonder.

But, Anjaneya (Hanuman) who helped Sri-rama (Rama lived many thousands of years ago in India.) many times, once lifted entire hill and carried it from Himalayas to Srilanka (also carried it back to its original place). A hill weighs at least one lakh tons. The yet under development most advanced rocket Ares can lift around 190 tons to lower earth orbit.

Now rethink.

Even if the lifting of hill by Hanuman is a myth, still we can not rule out the possibility of such things in this miraculous creation. Today we may not be seeing such wonders and so we doubt them, but our creation is a big wonder.


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