Monday, April 18, 2011

Scientific Knowledge VS Beliefs

The sun rises in the sky. We do not doubt our brain and eyes in accepting this, since living becomes very difficult if we doubt them. We accept the observations which are reliable for life, irrespective of the facts. An observation is reliable unless there is an alternative observation. All reliable observations are reliable beliefs, because we do not know the facts of the observations. But, all reliable beliefs are not reliable observations. Some reliable beliefs are derived from reliable observations, but themselves are not observations. Because I have been observing that the sun has been rising in the sky every day, I reliably believe that the sun rises in the sky tomorrow also. There are facts too among what we know. It is a fact that in any right-angled triangle, the area of the square whose side is the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares whose sides are the two legs. Only some of the facts and reliable beliefs are useful. The observation that today I walked 5 steps more than the person living 10,000 kilo meters away from me is useless. An office sales information is not applicable always and everywhere. Scientific knowledge is the set of facts and reliable beliefs, which are useful irrespective of time and placeIf we consider medical research, every finding may not be useful and a medicine may go extinct because of another more useful medicine down the line. But we holistically consider the medical research findings as useful always and everywhere.

We have to doubt some things. We should not accept and/or believe which does not have enough bases, or which can be disproved using facts or reliable beliefs.

Beliefs taught by some people are just beliefs, because they do not have minimal proof for many things they tell. In fact, the intention behind asking people to believe is to make them obey some concept/religion irrespective of the logical fallacy of that concept. Thinking raises many doubts and questions. So people are asked to believe without judging. Basically, belief is the word used when lieing.

Vedas are sciences because we know them reliably through great sages and we can see many things in the Vedas to be correct or scientifically acceptable.(I do not guarantee that Hindu scriptures available now are original and pure. We have to consciously take the good knowledge from them and leave the rest.)


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