Monday, April 18, 2011

Why many gods worshiped by Hindus?

Everything in this creation is a part of (by) the "parabramha(almighty)",
Including the demigods like vishnu, shiva and chaturmukha-bramha.
Everything/everyone is created for a purpose.So, it is good to approach the right one for right purpose.
Like, we can not approach prime minister for every thing and we have to contact the right person in the administration; we have many gods in their roles, whom we can approach. But, everything is eventually by and belonging to "parabramha" whether you notice it or not.

In Bhagawadgita, Krishna only told that people approach gods as per their desires/needs. wise people expect moksha, where as normal people expect worldly joys. He does not mean that worshiping small gods is wrong.

Worshiping is the process of loving. So, worshiping of cows or a good man is not wrong.

If things other than the supreme God should not be worshiped; then parents, friends, neighbors, relatives, leaders, teachers ,etc, all of whom are given by the supreme God but not as great as supreme god can not be approached for help or comfort.


  1. if you talk about how many gods, then it's just one. and he has no name.
    but if you say how many devtas, there are 33 as per vedas - 8 vasu, 11 rudras, 12 adityas, indra and prajapati. of them 8 vasu devtas were later called vasudev and vishnu. 11 rudras are called shankar, and prajapati is famous as brahmaa in puranas.
    of those 33 devtas.
    but it is specifically said in brihadaranyaka that those who think all devtas are different are fools. all devtas reside on one purush.

  2. 33 koti is mistranslated as 33 crore even by hindus, 33 koti means 33 types as mentioned in shatpath brahman and brihadaranyaka too.

    1. The exact count of demigods does not really matter much. People can ask help from a demigod based on their need and tradition. But they should also keep in mind that there is only one God who is the cause of all demigods and all things we know.

  3. I reply to this question as :

    God once said through its human form Krishna -- " whatever form a devotee tries to worship with deep faith, I stabilize his faith firmly in that form ".