Monday, April 18, 2011

Good and Bad

we get intelligence and knowledge as given by god. If a man is bad, it is because god gave him that much thinking ability and such circumstances. If same thinking and environment is given to two people both will behave equally. So, good and bad are intentional creations of god, by way of giving different levels of mind to different people (character is a matter of intelligence).
so, do not hate anybody, even if he is too bad in your opinion. because, god made him like that. a man himself does not decide his IQ at birth. You can act anger on wrong doers or take an emotionless appropriate counter action like how your respond to an innocent mosquito.
Sri Krishna tells in bhagavadgita, "Achieving moksha or not is not in your hand. Every thing happens only at my will".

A lion kills deers naturally(God only created this violence, otherwise he would create meat from trees for lions). God created bad people also naturally. So, why to hate someone based on his religion or character or caste or abilities, for which is not his mistake?

Even Karma/Action and the results are as decided by god and so an Atma(soul) is not responsible for anything. Atma(soul)it self is executed by God to be what it is.

The reason for such creation is not known.


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