Monday, April 18, 2011

Idol Worship

It is undoubtedly natural, good and harmless that any person likes to feel the love with his beloved by keeping the pictures and belongings of the beloved. Mind cannot experience love as much as it experiences when it is in the sense of these objects. Idol worship also is just as simple as this. Even a person who says that he hates idol worship and attribution of a specific form to god considers god in mind in some pictorial way to think about God, at least as a light form or turns to one direction to pray to god which is attribution of physical traits to God.

Worship of idols is not the worship of stones, but it is the worship of the God who is being considered in the idol. A person does not love a picture, but he loves only his beloved by means of the picture.
Similarly, God can be worshiped by us as per our convenience in some form. What matters is feeling of the God, not the way of feeling.

Also, idols (sorry, Murthis of gods) in temples possess life through the foundation process. Above all, everything in this creation is a minute part of almighty himself. Stones are not worthless.

However, well matured people do not need idols. Idol worship is only for beginners. Well matured people will be in meditational bliss continuously.(meditational bliss here refers to the state of mind with no pressures. It does not mean sitting and trying to stop thinking.)

Since everything is an object of god, one should not think that we should not see god in stones. We can feel god in his creation..Stone.

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  1. It is time to stand up and protect the heart of Sanatan Dharma, It is time to stand for justice that we have been refused by the exclusive and inclusive religions.